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No additional modifications required for autofuel for the Cessna 172 equipped with Air Plains 180hp engine upgrade. Reduce operating costs and improve flying flexibility with autofuel. It’s FAA approved with an autofuel STC. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

peterson aviation logo lg      Visit Petersen Aviation Inc website where you'll find over 100+ approved aiframes and 48 approved engines. 
airnav header        Airnav fuel stop planner will help locate the best place for fuel on your next trip.
pure gas header    Find fuel stops that provide ethonal-free autofuel in the US and Canada.

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  The Unleaded Fuel for Flight. STC FAA Approved for Cessna 210, 188, and Beech Barons equipped with Continental IO-470 or IO-520 engines. Click to view website for more information.


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