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Where can I find performance data for my Air Plains 172?

We have prepared performance data to be used as reference only. Download it here.

Is my cowl modified on my 172 for the 180HP engine upgrade?

It depends on the model of 172: 

172 B, C, D, E, F, G, H: Oil door is relocated to the right side of top cowl, and the dual exhaust holes are filled and replaced with a hole for the single exhaust. 

172 I, K, L, M, P:  No Cowling modification required.

172 N: Oil door is relocated to the right side of the top cowl, no modification necessary on bottom cowl.

172 R: No cowl modification required.

Why are the flaps restricted to 35 degrees in my 182 upgrade?

Cessna 182, when equipped with Air Plains 300HP, has a flap limitation of 35 degress to allow enough rudder authority when in a full power stall. The extra power of our upgrade enables your aicraft to stall at a greater angle of attack.

Why are the flaps restricted to 30 degrees in my 172 upgrade?

During a go around with full (40 degrees) flaps, the aircraft must be able to achieve a minimum rate of climb at gross weight. At 2500 to 2550 lbs of gross weight the aircraft will not be able to achieve the required rate of climb with full flaps. 

Note: 172P flaps come from the factory with 30 degree flaps.

What are the tire pressures on my 180HP Skyhawk?

To operate at the higher gross weight, the aircraft must be equipped with 6 ply tires on both the main wheels and nose wheels on all models. Tire pressure should be:
NOSE GEAR.....................45 PSI
MAIN GEAR.......................38 PSI

What oil do you put in on delivery?

Phillips Multi Weight 20/50M mineral oil.

How many hours until my engine is fully broken-in?

Air Plains will fly fly 3 hours on every engine upgrade performed at Air Plains. A high power setting is always desired for the first 25 hours on Continental engines and 50 hours on Lycoming engines (stabilized oil consumption). Maintain lower altitudes so that the engine develops full power and run your engine at least at 75% power. 

What is the Lycoming engine break in proceedure?

Lycoming has an excellent write up on this topic found on the FAQ section within their website, click here for link.

There is also an operating handbook sent with every engine from Lycoming where you can also find this information printed and organized in a three ring binder.

Air Plains will fly 2-3 hours after the upgrade is installed at our facilities. A high power setting is desired for the first 50 hours (stabilized oil consumption). Maintain lower altitudes so that the engine develops full power and run your engine at least at 75% power. Please contact Air Plains if more questions regarding the break in proceedures. 

Why must the propeller be changed in my 172 upgrade?

A propeller is designed to make the best use of the horsepower. The Sensenich 76EM8S14 and the McCauley 1A170 propellers are optimized for the 180 HP engine.

Why are some performance charts not available?

According to the CFR 21.5 any airplane less than 6000 lbs delivered before March 1979 was not required to have an Aircraft Flight Manual.  After that, it was.  Therefore, if an airplane did not have an AFM, an STC applicant would provide a Supplemental AFM.  If an airplane did have an AFM, the STC applicant would provide an AFM Supplement. Because of the certification basis (CAR 3), takeoff and landing performance was not required to be provided for those aircraft.  Thus, a SAFM was not required to have that performance.

Unless otherwise addressed in the Flight Manual Supplement the performance numbers covered in the FAA approved Flight Manual are considered to be equal to or better than the listed numbers and they can be used for performance calculations.

Why is the airbox added on the 172R Upgrade Kit?

The engine air induction system receives ram air through an intake on the lower front portion of the engine cowling. The intake is covered by an airfilter which removes dust and other foreign matter from the induction air. Airflow passing through the air control unit which is under the engine, and then is ducted to the engine cylinders through intake manifold tubes.

In the event induction ice is encountered, or the intake air filter becomes blocked, an alternate heated air can be obtained from a shroud around an exhaust riser through a duct to a valve, in the air box, operated by the alternator air control located on the instrument panel. Unfiltered heated air is drawn from the lower cowl area around an exhaust riser through the shroud into a duct on the air box. Use of full alternate air will result in a loss of approximately 75 to 150 RPM.

Can Air Plains repair or overhaul my existing airbox?

Yes, we can repair or overhaul your airbox even if you do not have an engine upgrade. We typically have one on the shelf ready to go to minimize downtime. Core exchange required. Call or email for pricing and availability.

Can I get Flint Aero Fuel Tanks with the engine upgrade?

Yes, and actually it can be done simultaneously. Call Air Plains for current pricing. Kill two birds with one stone and minimize your down time!

Can the Power Flow exhaust be used with 180HP STC kit?

Yes, the Power Flow exhaust can be used with Air Plains 180 Horsepower engine upgrade kit. 

If you already have Power Flow exhaust on your stock 172 it can be re-used with the new engine with a few new parts from Power Flow to accommodate the O-360 engine. 

Air Plains is a preferred Power Flow Dealer.

What spark plugs are used on my Lycoming O-360 engine?

Champion Spark Plugs come stock on all Air Plains 180HP engine upgrades. Part number 1182-E7. 

Contact Air Plains for current pricing and availability.

Why is my Cessna 188 Propeller STC not getting full redline?

Check propeller blade angle per the STC SA00409WI. Propeller governor for the 88 inch propeller must be adjusted correctly. Typically maximum RPM will be achieved at 40-50 MPH.

Where can I find required placards?

Required placards can be found in the Flight Manual Supplement. 

Flight Manual Supplements can be downloaded directly from our website, here.

Can I get CorrosionX Treatment the same time as the engine upgrade?

Yes, Air Plains is a CorrosionX Treatment Center. CorrosionX can be applied simutaneously with the engine upgrade or during routine maintenance. 

It is recommended that the aircraft be treated every other year.

Contact Air Plains for flat rate pricing for your aircraft. 

Is there a Trouble Shooting guide for my O-360 engine I purchased?

Lycoming published a Reciprocating Engine Trouble Shooting Guide. Click to download pdf file.

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