McCauley D3A34C402/C210

How do you reduce vibration and noise in your aircraft and add more pleasure to your flying? That is a simple answer... 3-Blade Propellers

Three Blade Propellers offer:

  • Reduced Vibration
  • Improved takeoff acceleration
  • Increase rate of climb
  • Reduced noise level
  • Easily installed in place of your existing outdated propeller.
  • Operates with your existing propeller governor.
  • Approved for both IO-520 and IO-550 engines.
  • Utilizes the existing propeller spinner -(only with three blade propeller).
  • Polished three blade spinners available
  • Reduced Maintenance cost
  • New Improved blade design
  • McCauley reliability
const speed prop 3blade

These great looking three blade propellers have benefits both on the ground and in the air. They offer reduced vibration and reduced noise levels in flight. Besides looking good parked on the ramp they have improved ground clearance over the two blade propellers.

The increase in thrust means that you can get to altitude faster and get to your destination with greater efficiency.

Noise and vibration are major factors in pilot and passenger fatigue, a reduction in either of those will allow you and your passenger to travel in greater comfort and arrive ready to go to work.

Because the 3-Bladed McCauley D3A34C402/90DFA Propeller has been designed by McCauley to be one of the most serviceable and reliable propellers on the market you can be assured that it will provide years of service in a very harsh environment.