McCauley D3A34C401 - C188

If maintainability and performance are the key ingredients for your new propeller then the 88 inch McCauley D3A34C401 is the perfect match for your aircraft.

With this propeller you can expect:

  • Improved takeoff acceleration and climb
  • Easy installation to replace your existing outdated propeller
  • Seamless assembly with your existing propeller governor
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • McCauley product reliability
const speed prop 3blade

The 3-Bladed McCauley Propeller D3A34C401/90DFA is a great candidate for the Cessna 188 AG series and it is offered in 88 inches in diameter for that extra static thrust needed for agricultural applications, firefighting, glider and banner towing . A three-bladed prop lessens the vibration and noise levels in the airplane in a way most people find more comfortable. A real work-horse airplane deserves a propeller that will meet the demands and deliver the performance.