McCauley D3A34C401

How do you reduce vibration and noise in your aircraft and add more pleasure to your flying? That is a simple answer... 3-Blade Propeller

Three Blade Propellers offer:

  • Reduced Vibration
  • Improved takeoff acceleration
  • Increase rate of climb
  • Reduced noise level
  • Easily installed in place of your existing outdated propeller.
  • Operates with your existing propeller governor.
  • Approved for both IO-520 and IO-550 engines.
  • Utilizes the existing propeller spinner -(only with three blade propeller).
  • Polished three blade spinners available
  • Reduced Maintenance cost
  • New Improved blade design
  • McCauley reliability
const speed prop 3blade

Besides greatly improving the aesthetics of your airplane when parked on the ramp, reduced vibration and noise are one of the biggest advantages of a 3 blade propeller. The 3-Bladed McCauley Propeller D3A34C401/90DFA is offered for your airplane in 5 choices of diameter (80 inches to 88 inches in diameter, 84 landplane and 88 floatplane maximum). The extra blade adds static thrust, which improves take-off acceleration and climb. A three-bladed prop lessens the vibration and noise levels in the airplane in a way most people find more comfortable.

Another practical advantage of the three blade is reduced maintenance. This comes from the reduced rotational stresses from the shorter blades, which can make a real difference, particularly if the conversion is replacing a two-blade propeller with blades more than 82 inches long. 

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