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Cessna Service Bulletin SEB07-5 Rev. 4 

Owner Advisory- March 15, 2012 SEB07-5 Rev. 4

"Dear Cessna Single Engine Classic Owner:
This Owner Advisory is to inform you that Service Bulletin SEB07-5 Revision 4, Pilot and Copilot Secondary
Seat Stop Installation has been issued to announce that Service Kits are available to install a new design
secondary seat stop for the pilot and copilot seats.
The Secondary Seat Stop is an additional device installed on the pilot or copilot seat that assists in preventing
uncommanded rearward movement of the seat. It is designed to assist in providing an additional margin of
safety by limiting the aft travel of the seat should the primary seat latch pin(s) not be properly engaged in the
seat rail/track. In certain instances, seat slippage could result in some pilots not being able to reach all the
controls and/or subsequently losing control of the airplane. The functionality of the Secondary Seat Stop should
be completely transparent to the operator. If operation of the seat stop is not transparent the airplane requires
maintenance to correct the malfunction of the seat stop mechanism."

"To receive credit, the work must be completed and a Warranty Claim submitted by a Cessna Single Engine Authorized Service Facility within 30 calendar days of Service Bulletin compliance before the credit expiration dates: 

Domestic: December 31, 2013
International: December 31, 2013"

Please contact Air Plains Services, a Cessna Single Engine Authorized Service Facilities for detailed information and to schedule a time for your seat stop replacement. 

Click here for full Service Bulletin.