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C-172 Air Plains 180HP Model D - H



To get better performance out of your Skyhawk more horsepower is needed, plain and simple! 

Air Plains 172XP upgrade increases cruise airspeed and climb-rate, turning the Skyhawk into an extreme performer. Once you feel the extra power and the quality of our product the only thing you will wish for is that you had done the upgrade sooner. 

Air Plains sales team and technical support provides assistance before the purchase all the way to your flying.



Air Plains has the best price and core exchange program available for the Skyhawk. 

Factory new Lycoming O-360 engine comes complete from Air Plains with roller tappets, Slick magnetos, wiring harness, spark plugs, carburetor and ring gear. The engine is paired with a light weight Skytech starter and Plane-Power alternator.

Click for full engine description provided by Lycoming.

Powerplant Lycoming O-360 
Manufacturer Textron Lycoming
Engine Models Approved O-360-A2F, -A3A, -A4A, -A4M, -A4N
Horsepower 180 HP
Maximum RPM 2700 RPM
Compression Ratio 8.50:1
Time Between Overhauls (TBO) 2000 HRS
Fuel Consumption (2500 RPM) 8.5-10.3 GPH
Approved Fuel 91 Octane Autofuel, 91/96 Avgas, 100LL Avgas




All propellers have been matched to provide the best combination of airframe and powerplant. Propeller blades with different pitch rage are available if your goal is to achieve an optimal cruise speed or climb rate. The available fixed pitch propeller enables a light weight and low maintenance benefit. 

Propeller McCauley 1A170 Sensenich 76EM8S
Manufacturer McCauley Sensenich
Model /JFA-7658 or /CFA-7660 14-0-60
Engine Model -A2F, -A3A -A4A, -A4M, -A4N
Blades 2 2
Diameter Max. 76 76
Diameter Min. 74.5 76
Pitch Range 56-60




The Air Plains 180 HP offers substantially increased climb and cruise performance, along with the ability to increase your overall payload. Our upgrade flight tests have proven a 15 -18 mile per hour increase in cruise speed, and a 300-400 foot per minute increase in the rate of climb.

APS 180 HP Performance
Cruise Airspeed 150+ mph
Rate of Climb (Sea Level) 800-1000 fpm
Take-Off Distance 960 feet
Gross Weight Increase (STC SA2196CE 172 D-R) GWI

Learn more about the gross weight increase

The gross weight increase for 1963 through 1967 (172D-H models) require a one-time installation of three stringers in the tailcone. The stringers were added during production of the Cessna 172s during 1968 timeframe. Prior to purchasing the gross weight increase with the 180HP upgrade confirmation of the stringers installed is required. 6 Ply tires are also required if not already in place. 

Performance Video by Air Plains

Click here to go to Air Plains Facebook Page and view performance video of a recently upgraded Cessna 172E. Improvement from 145hp to Air Plains 180hp engine upgrade is unmatched, see for yourself!



With Air Plains there are a couple options to get 180 horsepower into your Skyhawk. 

Option One: Complete kit with engine installed at Air Plains Services. Have the installation performed for one flate fee by the mechanics that know this upgrade best. Typical turn around time is two weeks; or, with sufficient scheduling it can be done within one week. 

Option Two: Complete kit with engine installed by local mechanic. Purchase the 180HP kit with engine and have your local mechanic perform the installation. Air Plains provides a complete package including step by step installation instructiosn and detailed drawings for a seamless installation. Technical support by Air Plains staff is available, if needed. 

Option Three: Complete kit without engine. Furnish your own engine and purchase the complete kit. You'll get all the parts for the upgrade except the engine itself, starter and alternator. To verify approved series of O-360 engines, see Powerplant Tab above. 

Option Four: The gross weight increase is optional. If not desired at the time of the engine upgrade the gross weight increase can be installed at a later date. 

Installation instructions, blueprints safeguard the procedures and standards for installation and maintenance of your new engine... no matter where you choose to have it installed.

Did you know that in the state of Kansas there is no sales tax on aircraft maintenance or modification? 

Kit Accessories

Kit Accessories

Air Plains 180HP kits are designed to accomodate the changes in the orginal airframe design; therefore, kits vary per model aircraft. Whether installed by Air Plains or shipped to your local mechanic for installation, Air Plains 180 Horsepower engine upgrade will be delivered as an all-encompassing kit. 

  • Sensenich Propeller and assembly includes mounting bolts, spacer and spinner 
  • New Baffles with baffle seal attached
  • All new exhaust system
  • Oil Cooler
  • Engine mount
  • Engine isolator mounts(four) with mounting bolts
  • Throttle cable
  • Cowl oil door relocation kit
  • Alternator belt
  • Airbox
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Scat hoses
  • Fuel & oil lines
  • Forward/Aft spinner bulkhead
  • Induction air filter element
  • Crankcase vent tube
  • Oil cooler mounts, Flanges/plates
  • Throttle mixture support bracket
  • Installation Hardware and Clamp Kit
  • STC Authorization, Drawings, and Installation Instructions
  • Click to download Air Plains 180HP Brochure 



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